* Project of the Diagram of Our Universe update:20/06/2024
  • Introduction

    • Our purpose is presenting a perspective of the Universe
    • Specifically, we are producing the posters and creating opportunities for dialogue
  • Posters

    • PDF data of the posters are available

    • titleyeardownload
      Uchuzu (Japanese)2007PDF(6.5MB)JPEG(16.5MB)out of print
      Uchuzu2013 (Japanese)2013PDF(18.1MB)JPEG(19.9MB)out of print
      Uchuzu2018 (Japanese)/td>2018PDF(43.1MB)JPEG(19.7MB)out of print
      Uchuzu2024 (Japanese)2024PDF(6.5MB)JPEG(7.2MB)
      DIAGRAM OF THE UNIVERSE2007PDF(7.6MB)JPEG(16.5MB)out of print
      DIAGRAM OF OUR UNIVERSE 20132013PDF(18.8MB)JPEG(20.3MB)out of print
      DIAGRAM OF OUR UNIVERSE 20182018PDF(43.1MB)JPEG(19.5MB)out of print
      Taiyoukeizu20142014PDF(10.3MB)JPEG(5.6MB)out of print

  • Contact

    • info@tenpla.net